Thursday, May 30, 2013

Free Glasses From!

Ever since my blog has been receiving some decent traffic, I get emails from folks asking me to feature "this" on my blog, or mention "such and such" in a blog post.  For the most part I just end up deleting these requests, but one from offering me a free pair of glasses in exchange for an honest review of their  eye-wear actually caught my attention.

You see, a little while back I was working on a DIY project, spray painting some furniture.  I was wearing my glasses instead of safety goggles, and well, my glasses got coated in paint droplets.  This has happened before, and I have been able to wash them off, so that's just what I thought I'd do this time too.  Trouble was I left it a little too long and wasn't able to simply wash off the paint.  So I made a totally idiotic, impulse decision and grabbed the steel-wool that was sitting in the corner of my sink and used it to scrub the paint off of my glasses.  That worked - but it scratched the be-jeepers out of my lenses!

I am pretty heavily dependent on corrective eye-wear (ie: without the advent of the corrective lens, natural selection would've weeded me out long ago), and while my husband has a great job with good benefits, our optical coverage only renews every 2 years, and at the time I destroyed my glasses we still had a year to go.

I thought I'd just make due by wearing my contact lenses more, but let me tell you - sitting at my computer doing design work in the midnight hours with contact lenses that I'd worn for probably 16 or so hours already that day was beginning to take it's toll (burning, really).

To do my job - I need to see.  Beyond that, as this diagram clearly shows, a fashionable pair of glasses is an essential part of my professional attire as an interior designer:

The offer hooked me.  I responded and within a day or so, a representative from Firmoo contacted me with the information to claim my free glasses.  It had been awhile since I had seen my optometrist, so I booked an appointment and got my prescription updated.  Then I went to the Firmoo website to pick some frames.

Honestly, I was a little skeptical about the process of buying glasses online.  I have worn glasses since I was 8 years old, and I have always purchased my glasses from my optometrist's office.  I am really fussy, and I didn't think I would like a pair of glasses that I didn't have the opportunity to try on.  So as a back up - I tried on a bunch of frames at my optometrist's office and finally settled on a pair that I liked.  When I went to the Firmoo website, I looked for a similar pair of frames, and found one.

I used the Firmoo website's feature of uploading a picture of myself so I could "try" the frames on my face.  This was useful when selecting my frames, but I still wasn't sure about how accurate it would be when the glasses actually arrived and I had them on my face.

 I settled on frame #: CP6061 in black:

I ordered them in my prescription and held my breath while I waited for them to come.  A couple days later they arrived, and I anxiously tore open the package and ran to the bathroom to try them on.

Much to my surprise, I LOVED them!  I actually liked them better than the pair I had selected from my optometrist's office.  The prescription was bang-on (which was great because I wasn't sure if I had entered the information correctly), the quality was just as good as any other pair of glasses I have ever owned, and the fit was fantastic (not too tight, too loose, or crooked, or anything like that) - another thing that I was really surprised by because I wasn't able to actually try these glasses on before I ordered them!

I was not expecting to be so happy with glasses that I got for free!  Even if I had to pay full price for them, they only would've cost $62.90 (including shipping) - which is nothing coming from a woman who has paid over $500 before for glasses! offers a FREE first pair of glasses to all of their customers (you just have to pay for shipping), and I have no hesitations in sending everyone their way (I'm going back for sunglasses)!

After all, less money spent on glasses = more money you can spend on your house!


  1. Beautiful pictures, Abby. Did you take them yourself? Stunning.

    1. Thanks Marie! I did, and truthfully there is probably no other activity in the whole world that makes me feel like a bigger dork than taking my own picture - but it was a necessary evil!

  2. nice photos ;)
    Great glasses!