Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Easy Upgrades That Will Transform Your Bathroom

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Kelsey Reaves from Modernize.com about doing a guest post. Modernize.com is where you come to get inspired, see what's possible, and connect with a professional who will make your dream home a reality!  The following are ideas from Modernize.com about some easy upgrades to transform your bathroom:

Bathrooms are often the last thing in your home to be updated. We tend to overlook cosmetic
repairs to favor just the necessities of such a utilitarian space. The bathroom is actually a place
where you will spend a lot of your time so why not make it an enjoyable experience? At
Modernize, we know that the delight of an updated bathroom will not only improve your daily life
but will be noticed by your guests and your family.

Via Modernize.com

The first place to look to upgrade is your fixtures. By changing your bathtub handles and knobs
you will create an updated and clean look. Choosing deep matte brown fixtures for your tub will
add a warm and cozy vibe. Make sure to match the fixtures throughout the whole bathroom to
pull everything together.

Cleanliness is just as important as style, take this opportunity to clean
out your drains and do an overall scrub as you go. Then, set a rotating weekly schedule to keep
everything clean on a regular basis. It’s much easier to perform maintenance cleaning than to
deal with a bunch of grime that has built up over an extended period of time.

Adding in a new paint color to your bathroom is the cheapest upgrade with the greatest effect.
Choose a bright happy color to motivate you in your morning routine. Shades of yellow and
green make especially good choices. You can also use a peel and stick wallpaper to take a
chance with a bold pattern. Bathrooms are usually your smallest room, and it’s a place where
you can take the biggest stylistic risk. With temporary wallpaper you can create an accent wall
in a bold pattern. Use a navy stripes wallpaper and go for a nautical theme or baroque flowers
for a classic sophistication. The possibilities are endless.

Via Modernize.com

Choose a light fixture for your bathroom that makes a splash. Incorporate bright lighting so that
you can see clearly as you prep for the day. Choose lights that are bright but still calming. If you
want to keep your existing lighting but hope to match them to your new fixtures just use a can of
spray paint to paint your lighting to match. Simply turn off the lights and unscrew the fixture from
the wall. Cover the bulb area with a plastic bag and attach it with painter’s tape at the edge.
From a few feet away spray an even paint coat over the fixture. Allow it to dry for at least a day
before reattaching your new lighting to the wall. It’s easy to make small updates that will make a
huge difference. Many of these upgrades can be done yourself for a fun at home project.

Add in a few key accessories to show off your personal style. Change out your dingy old curtain
for a new one.  Shower curtains get dirty so quickly, so keep an eye on the shower liner and
replace them on a regular basis. Get some new accessories for your bathroom and let
everything feel fresh and new. Choose toothbrush holders and soap dishes to match your
fixtures. It’s a great idea to update your towels to match your new theme.

Via Modernize.com
Once you’ve completed your new bathroom, you’ll be shocked by the difference it makes. Easy
upgrades will make a huge change and soon you’ll love spending time in your new room. Many
quick and easy DIY projects will make a big difference within your home. The bath is an easy
place to get cluttered and messy with so much traffic. Don’t forget to give your old bathroom the
same TLC you give to the rest of your home.

- Kelsey Reaves, Modernize.com

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