Thursday, October 3, 2013

5 Neat Holiday Decorating Ideas For Fall

Hello everyone, I am Eva from Home Decor and glad to be here at DIY Design to share some of my ideas for Fall/Autumn Decor. I have included some easy to do decor for the holiday season for all those in the festive spirit yet not wanting to start something which they will be unable to finish in time. Abby was kind enough to guide me through this post and I really hope you enjoy my ideas and try them out! Do visit my blog for more DIY's, tips and crafty stuff :)


5 Neat Holiday Decorating Ideas for Fall:

With such fun holidays approaching, it’s hard to resist the temptation to do a little makeover in the house to set the right mood for each occasion. Guests and your kids will certainly love it if they see some imagination behind it.

Luckily, Halloween inspires imagination even in the not so creative among us. There are so many things we can do inside a home for this fun holiday: hand-painted spiders and black cats on walls, ghosts made out of white sheets in a corner, pillows with horror movie prints, etc.

1) Horror Pillows:

These are effective and very easy to make. All you need is a white pillow and an image you want printed on it: vampire, zombie, Frankenstein, or any other scary figure. You can either have it made in a professional print shop, or you can paint the image yourself using fabric paint.

2) Pumpkins:

Pumpkins are something Halloween can’t do without. Again, there’s so much room for creativity. Your pumpkins can be classically scary, or you can invent new ways to paint and carve them. If you like color inspired decor, you will want to see Ornament Pumpkins, and they really brighten up a room. Why not go for a mix of the cute and the morbid? You’d need some black and white paint, a ribbon and a spider bought for a dollar or two.

3) Make It Simple:
If you live in a peaceful, simplistically decorated home and scary Halloween trinkets simply do not go with your classy furniture and minimalistic décor, there are ways to only hint at this fun holiday. I have decided to use a simple mirror I found at Shop4Furniture and then decorate it with leaves and burlap! Here is a sneak peak of my fall décor for you:
Also, pumpkins are probably the most characteristic for this occasion, so why not do something like this:

4) Family Photos:

Photo via:
Thanksgiving is more about ways to set a dinner table than decorating any other place in your home. So, make that table lively, festive and joyful. Make your family and friends feel like they never want to get up and leave. One very original idea I came across is: dinner table set with old family photos. That’s certainly a way to get your family nostalgic and set the right tone for the occasion. You will have much to talk and laugh about, re-living the precious moments of the past and of course brush up on your family history as well.

5) Small Details:

Photo via:
Again, if you want to do it in style, synchronize your dinner table decoration with your furniture. Colourful, “loud” ideas don’t go well with modern, minimalist homes, but they would do well with warm spaces with lots of wooden furniture, fluffy pillows, books and small details. Speaking of details, even the smallest ones can transform your home into something different and wonderful.

Happy Holidays to you all, I hope everyone has a great time decorating and celebrating these beautiful moments; because after all they come once a year!

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